This page contains several photos which may take a few moments to load.

WARNING: Do not touch the actual bulbs, oils from your skin can cause bulbs to overheat and burn out. This is where the rubber gloves may come in handy. If you do accidentally touch a bulb, wipe it off with denatured alcohol.

WARNING: Do not attempt if engine is hot. Allow cooling time if the car has been running for awhile.

SUGGESTION: I recommend doing one side first and leaving one side stock so you can compare the difference. Shine the lights onto a white surface (garage door) and stand back. I couldn't believe the improvement.

Step 1:

Locate the back of your headlights and indentify which bulbs you'll be changing.

Step 2:

First remove the wiring harness from the back of the bulb by depressing the release tab and pulling down gently but firmly.

Step 3:

Turn counter-clockwise until you feel it release. Slowly pull the bulb out being careful not to bump it against anything.


Step 4:

This is what the different bulbs look like. Left is the Hoen Titanium H11 bulb and right is the stock halogen bulb.

To install the new bulb carefully line up the tabs and insert it into the opening. Rotate clockwise and re-attach the wiring harness.

Repeat for other side and hi beams if desired.

Step 5: Foglights

Locate your foglights. Tie a string or twisty-tie around the wiring harness so it doesn't fall out of reach once you pull it off.

Remove wiring harness by depressing release tab and pulling down. Once off, rotate bulb base counter-clockwise and carefully remove.

Step 6:

Comparison of Sylvania Silverstar (left) vs. the stock halogen (right) fog bulbs.

To install the new bulb carefully line up the tabs and insert it into the opening. This is where small and steady hands will pay off. The space is tight so be extra careful not to bump the bulb. Once in, rotate clockwise and re-attach the wiring harness.