Acura MDX

How To Paint the Brake Calipers / Change Brake Pads

by Morph

Painted calipers make a nice custom accent to any vehicle. Painting can also protect
your calipers from rusting and make them easier to clean. Whether you want to be
subtle and simply match the body color, or conceal and protect with black, or even
make a statement with a bold accent color, this is a relatively easy and affordable

There are conceivably three different ways you could paint your calipers.
Good 1) Remove the wheel and mask everything without removing the caliper.
Better 2) Remove the caliper from the rotor (shown here).
Best 3) Take apart and remove the caliper from the vehicle completely.

Taking the caliper apart completely (method 3) would allow you the most thorough
cleaning, coverage, and adhesion, however it would necessitate removing the brake line,
bleeding the brakes. Since my mechanical skills and tools are very basic, I chose method 2.
Having no prior experience with brakes, I am proud to say that I was successful and
everything worked fine when I put it back together. I have used method 1 on a previous
vehicle and I can attest that it is possible to get good results if you take the time to clean
very thoroughly and mask carefully.

There are also different paints you can use for your calipers. Brake caliper painting kits
are available at most auto parts stores. I chose High Temperature (500 degrees) Spray
Engine Enamel and bought one can of each: Primer, Color, Clear. If you choose to buy the
sprays independently like I did, just make sure you stick with the same brand and paint type.
Different types of paint often are not compatible with each other and will peel.

Project Time: 90 - 120 minutes per caliper

Difficulty: On a scale of one to five with five being difficult, I would rate this a four (4)
mostly due to the amount of time and prep involved.

Cost: Approximately $20 for paint, brake fluid, and cleaner.

Tools Required:
- Socket Wrench
- 19mm & 14mm socket
- Rubber Mallet
- C-Clamp (6 inch)
- Brake Fluid
- Turkey Baster
- Measuring cup
- String or wire
- Flathead screwdriver
- Masking tape
- Plastic bags, newspaper
- Brake cleaner or engine degreaser
- High temp. Primer
- High temp. Paint
- High temp. Clear Paint
- Spray bottle w/ water (optional)
Hair dryer (optional)
- Cleaning tools - toothbrush, sponge, steel wool
Optional Cleaning Products:
- Wheel cleaner
- Tire cleaner
- General purpose cleaner
(ex. Simple Green)
- Vinyl protectant (ex. Vinylex)
- Tire brush or steel wool
- Wheel brush or rag
- Terry towels
- Tire Shine

Since the method I chose requires removing the brake pads, portions of this guide may
be helpful to those who want to change their own brake pads also.

Disclaimer: This guide is to be used as a reference only. The author is
not responsible for any damages. Installation was performed on a 2004
MDX and steps may differ for other model years. If any of your products
differ from those shown here, follow all label directions on the products
you are using.

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