Acura MDX

How To Swap Tailgate Garnishes

by Morph

There are several different styles available including satin (shown above),
chrome, and chrome w/ body color border. In my particular case I have
decided to swap the stock satin garnish on my 2004 MDX with one that
is chrome w/ black border to better compliment the other chrome
accessories on the vehicle.

The new garnish can be ordered from your local Acura dealer, be sure
to specify what finish you want. The part # is 74890-S3V-A00ZA and
the list price is $157.80 although you can probably find it for about $130
if you shop around.

Swapping them out yourself is not hard, in fact, my wife did ours in
about an hour and a half. Or, if you would prefer, your local Acura
service department will gladly take your money and do it for you
(they quoted us $120 for the labor).

Project Time: 60 - 90 minutes
Difficulty: On a scale of one to five with five being difficult, I would rate
this a three.

Tools Required: Screwdrivers (1 Phillips and 1 small flathead),
small socket wrench and an 8mm socket

For reference, this is what the back of the garnish plate looks like. It is
held in place by two white plastic fasteners (these pop in and out) and
by two screws (these are secured by nuts on the interior side of the
tailgate). To get to these nuts you need to remove the entire vinyl cover
on the interior side. It sounds a lot harder than it is.

Disclaimer: This guide is to be used as a reference only. The author is
not responsible for any damages. Installation was performed on a 2004
MDX and steps may differ slightly for other model years.

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