Acura MDX

How To Change The Oil

by Morph

This is intended to help new owners become familiar with basic maintenance. For
those of you who have frequently changed their oil, you may not need this guide.

There are many brands and types of motor oil available. I use synthetic oil because it
is better for the engine than conventional oil. It's more durable under extreme
temperatures and contains no contaminants. If you would like more info on Synthetic
vs. Conventional, click here or run a search. But this is a How-To, not a debate, so let's
carry on. The steps that follow are the same regardless of what type you choose.

Changing your oil is not difficult if you have the proper tools (see below). On a scale of
of one to five with five being difficult, I would rate this a two.

Project Time: 15 - 30 minutes
Difficulty: On a scale of one to five, with five being difficult, I would rate this a two.

Items Required:
- 5 qts of Oil (5W-20 is Manufacturer Recommended)
- Oil Filter
- Oil Filter Wrench (not pictured)
Oil Drip Pan
- Crush Washer (available from Acura dealership)
Socket Wrench & 17mm Socket (or an adjustable wrench)
- Funnel (one with a long neck works best)
- Ramps (optional)
- Plastic Bag (optional)
- Newspaper (optional)
- Can of Engine Degreaser (optional)

Update: Mobil 1 now has a 5W-20 weight available and recommends it for the MDX.
Prior to 2006, Mobil 1 recommended their 0W-20 for certain Honda applications.
The Mobil1 filter size for the 2004 MDX is M1-110, or you could go with the larger
capacity size, M1-104. Be sure to check the size for your model year, as they may

My total cost for oil, filter and the crush washer came to about $33. The average cost
for a full synthetic oil change at a garage/quick lube is about $50, which usually does
not include a premium filter. If you plan on upgrading to synthetic, it is much cheaper
to do it yourself and you get the peace of mind of knowing that it has been done right,
and without a greasy mechanic's hands all over your interior.

Disclaimer: This guide is to be used as a reference only. The author is
not responsible for any damages. Work was performed on a 2004
MDX and steps may differ slightly for other model years.

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